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Abundance Dreams 5/27/20


Long dream series last night for me. I can’t remember the exact order but the first thing I believe it was me being offered some really high paying job at a corporate company. I told the guy I wasn’t qualified and he didn’t care, he wanted to hire me.

At one point in the dream I came into about $9000 effortlessly. I don’t remember how, but it just appeared. In another part of the dream I was in a crowd of people and was picked out of the crowd to be on a TV show that was like soft core porn or had sex involved in it. I said no immediately and ended up talking to the young girl who was the star of the show. After I talked with her she had realizations about her life and ended up quiting the show to follow something she always wanted to do and was aligned with her heart.

Then I was riding a bus and I had an instant knowing to stop and buy a lottery ticket. I asked someone on the bus where I could buy one and they said up here on the left at that store. I got off the bus and went in and immediately won $7500.

I remember I was going to buy a Subaru car with the money and move somewhere, travel a bit.

Then I was in a warehouse type of building, but it was like a market or business center too. And I saw one of my old bosses there, at a company I worked for in 2015. We reconnected and he said his company went out of business or something. Like they had tax issues or something like that. He had a new business or something and offered me a job there but it was less than minimum wage. I said I’d think about it but wasn’t going to take it.

There was a scene in the dream I remember living in a mansion with my father. Some guy was visiting that was also very wealthy and seemed to offer me a position or was interested in me too. I remember in the dream my father went outside earlier in the morning and went into one of the other buildings and started blasting 80’s type of music or something.

It was interesting, but several job offers and money coming out of nowhere effortlessly felt very much like overall abundance energy of the dream and lots of opportunity and options for me to do whatever I wish to do. The options and funds will come to me in the vortex and I don’t need to search, just follow the intuitive information I receive along the way.

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