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This are my lessons received from the dreaming levels.

One of the main obstacle we face while dreaming in the first level, is the attachment we feel to the visions we are having, it’s like watching the best part of a movie, not giving a damn the house is burning…

Like children, we find all we see so awesome, so colorful, so entertaining, we get trapped like a fly, and to lose the grip takes time and effort, I only managed it when I realize that all I was seeing was somehow boring, scenes of a movie without head or foot, just a flow of imagery and plays. Then I realized it is created by the human mind, from everybody dreams, remembering it or not, and all that comes out becomes this first level, it can be trilling, boring, strange, violent, funny, just like here, it takes quite some time to get bored, but when we get, we begin to look for a way out.

Just being aware of it is enough to focus our attention into unusual things within the first level, like the tall hat bunny, we will notice incongruent things there, I remember a band of clowns playing in a street, and some Malabars, I was seeing them looking over a short brick wall, I jumped over the wall to land on another place, a strange garden with children riding wheels, sitting inside those, moving happily around, then I noticed some flying saucers moving slowly in the sky, and at once I knew, I was in the second level of my dreaming.

A level where I began to interact with people, real dreamers, not the ghost like figures from the first level, on the second level we meet people dreaming awake, and the landscape is much more absorbent, the level of details increases tenfold, I began to find myself lost in very big cities, traveling around by car, buses, planes, or in a very funny way, I found out I could just sit in the Air and move around, like Aladdin without the carpet, it’s hilarious to soar along the streets, sometimes under the incredible eyes of bystanders, sometimes not even being noticed.

At the beginning I found myself always asking someone the name of the city I was in, because I felt I was in some place I knew, but I always heard names I had never heard before, a few times I was in cities I could really identify, just for a moment, to discover it was some other place, and I had been there before, I began to find myself comfortable there, even knowing how to get to certain places, like a park, a hill, I began to visit airports, and to take planes, to go somewhere else, there are check points there, where I’ve been asked where I was going, to what I never had a good answer… but was always let to proceed and take the plane.

Some messages received in the second level can be really strange, like one night there I saw a giant space ship, coming through the clouds, and a voice boomed in my mind saying: get ready, the time is coming… the time for what? I wonder…

There is the next level, and the third level of dreaming is something else, I would say it is the level we access while drinking Yagé, when we are advanced enough and have left behind the stage where our minds are still too busy healing, once we are over with it, Yagé takes us into the third level, and that is an amazing story!

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I was born in the south of Brazil, a traveler by passion, I have spent most of my life in Latin America, Europe and the US. 18 years ago I took an apprenticeship with Cofan Elders in Colombia and have been studying traditional Medicine since. I live in Ecuador, and work as a Jungle Guide, taking friends to drink Yagé with Taitas Cofanes in the Jungle. Yagé is a world in itself, and an endless path into eternity, a path filled with wonders, mystery and challenges, where tears of joy, pain and sorrow run together, a world where magic beings are met in every bend of the path, and strange ones lurk in the shadows…

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