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Finding & Expanding The Star Within


I’ve drawn a couple of variations of this symbol and it has been one of my favorites. This one for me represents shooting/aiming for the star within oneself. Each of our souls is as powerful and radiant as a star. When you continue to adventure further and further within your heart space you find this light and it can be overwhelming at first. Knowing, feeling, & remembering how much love, power, and divinity you have is life changing. Higher dimensional souls like you and I, are able to incarnate into being a planet, a star, and a universe. You are able to speak to these planets & stars just as you are with any other being, whether on the same dimensional frequency or not. It’s easiest to do this within your heart space, where you can connect to all that exists. Remind yourself consistently that you are a star and put intention that you shine the light, energy, and power of a star from your heart out all around you in all directions. When you consider that there are billions of souls with that power all incarnated at once, then it’s easy to believe we that collectively we can create whatever reality we want.

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