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Free Will Petitions


“Greetings loved ones, it is I, Talabeus. Today we wish to speak to you about your free will. This is a subject that many throw around in the new age or metaphysical community. But this is an important aspect of your life at this time. Those of you who are humanity workers need to know now that you have the free will to change your life. We are part of a Council who oversee the life plans of many people on Earth. These plans are made to make sure you experience all the major milestones of your journey. However, there has been a shift in how we do things. We are now accepting petitions to modify life plans. This used to be very hard to do for you, as we rarely modified life plans, but things have “changed with the times” as they say. This is a blog post on how you may request changes to be made in your life. You are now given the ability to literally co-create how it plays out. But you must ask for these changes to be made. What area or areas in your life do you need assistance with? What isn’t going well? We are here to help. The following is a way that you can petition for these things to be changed to something much better.

State the following:

“I (state your name) make an official petition to receive (state your need or want). The situation is as follows (explain what is going on that has led you to making the petition and include how you would like it to work out – do this as if talking to a friend, for you are!). I ask that this please come to pass with ease and comfort in every way, to the highest levels possible, either this or something better. End of petition.”

In this way, you may choose to stop living a life of struggle, and begin building a life of ease. Do as many petitions as you like, for as many things as you need (or want!).

There is no limit to what we can do, for what seems like a complicated thing to sort out…to us it is very simple and easy to do. It will work out for the best, and will seem as if it would have “happened anyway”. After enough petitions coming to pass you will begin to see the trend. That is all for now, play with this my friends.

With Great Love, Talabeus and Council.”

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