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The night was quiet, clouded Sky, the jungle silent, I could feel a storm was on our way, a welcome relieves after a hot summer day, I had purged already, and drank the second bowl, uneasy in my hammock I went to my favorite stump.

Looking at the grass, I remembered the demons opening the door into the ground and disappearing downstairs the other night, and I wondered what else lies down there?

Then a vision came answering my question.

I saw a thin white line making a perfect rectangle over the ground, like a door it opened and I saw a stair going down.

Curiosity kills the cat doesn’t apply when we drink Yagé, so, I went downstairs,  

First, I was in a realm with many shades of green, like the undergrowth of the forest, I moved through it slowly.

Another door appeared and a second stair, I went down again and I was on a second ground, this time I came out in a strange place, a barren landscape, the light was dim, the ground totally dried, dusty, some boulders and dried tree trunks were around, the dim light like a red glow came from a few places, as when a fire extinguish and only ambers still give some light.

I walked around, soon I began to see shadows moving around, hiding behind dried tree trunks, rocks, and boulders, I got closer and saw they were people, dressed in rag, I could see that the clothes were once elegant, now torn and shredded, they tried to hide their faces, to cancel themselves in the shadows, I could feel the shame they were feeling.

Then a Man appeared in front of me, I recognized him, a dead uncle, someone who had been married to one of my father’s sister, a Man who had died of a Heart attack, he had been the absolute scrooge…

His image was divided perfectly in two, half of his body visible, half absolutely dark.

I stretched my arm and offered my hand to him, he looked downwards and didn’t take it, turned around and walked into the shadows.

Then a voice told me: this is the realm of the damned ghosts, the ones here will wander hungry, thirsty and cold forever, they were the greediest beings on Earth, their greed and misery knew no limits while they were alive, they are now, only shame and sorrow.

I felt the visit was over, walked upstairs back to the first green level, then another flight of steps and out.

The storm approached, gusts announcing it would Rain heavy, so I went back to my hammock, and to another bowl.

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I was born in the south of Brazil, a traveler by passion, I have spent most of my life in Latin America, Europe and the US. 18 years ago I took an apprenticeship with Cofan Elders in Colombia and have been studying traditional Medicine since. I live in Ecuador, and work as a Jungle Guide, taking friends to drink Yagé with Taitas Cofanes in the Jungle. Yagé is a world in itself, and an endless path into eternity, a path filled with wonders, mystery and challenges, where tears of joy, pain and sorrow run together, a world where magic beings are met in every bend of the path, and strange ones lurk in the shadows…

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