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Obtaining Peace


“Greetings, dear ones, it is I, Talabeus. Today’s topic will be on peacefulness. How to find it and create it. Your world is a stressful place is it not? Sometimes finding your center and feeling peaceful can be a challenge. We would like to help. For starters, meditation is a good tool. But we will have you approach it differently than you may be familiar with. To “meditate” means to bring your mind into alignment with peace. There are many methods of doing this. The one we will show you today is quite simple and easy. To do this, you would sit, or lie down, and close your eyes. Then you will call in The Elders to come and be with you. These are old beings who watch over humanity. They come to help people with sincere intentions. You would then request that they calm your mind, and then when you are feeling calm, you will ask them to adjust your neurology so that the energy of peace can more easily flow through you from this point onward. Just relax and enjoy the sensation of the adjustment. When it is finished, or you feel as if it is ok to get up, say “thank you” and then go hydrate and drink lots of water over the next few days. Your body will be clearing out old stress energies that are no longer needed. Is this a quick fix? No, it will not solve all of your problems and make you immune to stressful situations 100% of the time. But it WILL make you feel more passive and able to just “go with the flow” more often. You may also do this meditation technique a few times, but we ask that you wait one week between requests. This is for your comfort that we ask this. Each time you are “rewired”, you will be getting rid of more and more of the old neurology that kept you in a state of frazzle. And with this, we say goodbye for today. We look forward to our next time to speak with you. With love from all of us in the Higher Realms, Talabeus.”

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