A couple of nights ago, we had a very strong ceremony, Yagé was especially strong, full cups…

It was one of those nights you better don’t even think about leaving your spot and moving around, the energy was so intense that I needed all my energy and concentration to maintain control, I knew is I let it loose, I would end up in the floor screaming, all over the place.

After an hour or so a strong vision opened up, and I saw many little red spheres, like glowing ambers, as I followed it I saw they were lodging inside people bodies, and I began to recognize them, people one way or other I had problems with, some did harm to me, others who got me really angry, and I was seeing rows of them, they were many from different times in my life, up to recent ones, and I was asking why I was seeing them…

Then Taita Yagé told me: you see all those little red glowing spheres? Those are your thoughts! That were created by your bad thoughts, and now are burning inside them, doing harm to them!

One by one I was shown what I thought at the time, the words I used, even the courses I sent to some of them, wishing them hell…

And to one by one I had to ask forgiveness, and to God!

I felt so ashamed, and I knew I had done harm to them, there was no scape hiding behind the anger I felt at the time, I was wrong all along, and I knew it, my Spirit knew it, period!

It was a long, long lesson, I had to talk in Spirit to all of them and ask forgiveness, and I saw also there were many things that I could have said to them at the time, things could have been cleared up and the anger avoided, and sitting on top of my Ego, I only justified myself in my anger and had sent so many bad thoughts to them.

What a shame!

It had become normal to me to always look on my side, I was always right, they wrong, so simple…

The vision and the healing went for a long, long time, forgiveness flowing free this time, no tears but the blunt realization that I needed to heal them to be able to heal myself.

When it was over, feeling my heart lighter another lesson came, and it was during the healing I got from the Healers I was drinking with.

I have been fighting chronic pain in my back, neck and amazing headaches for more than five years, nothing could relieve it, I got many healings all these years but the pain was always there, some time ago Janeth saw that I had a metal pin stuck into my back and a sharp piece of wood in my column, both things put there with sorcery done against me while I was still living in Columbia, and she was working trying to get it away and heal me, this night she finally managed with her husband to get it out and heal my back and my neck, then the realization came at once:

All the pain I suffered for well over five years was due to what I did with my thoughts against, others, I had to pay for it suffering as well…

And the concept of karma came clear to me, what bad you do here, you pay here!

It amazing to live in one’s own body the harm we do to others, and to learn the lesson, during the healing I saw the ones who did the sorceries against me, and without any second thought I accepted the lesson, I went above god and bad, I saw it from there without judgment, and I’m thankful to God and to taita Yagé for the lesson.

I’m still feeling as a wet dog after the storm, a bit shaky, but absolutely confident that my next ceremony will reveal how strong and beautiful all this healing has been, that’s what Yagé is all about, healing!

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I was born in the south of Brazil, a traveler by passion, I have spent most of my life in Latin America, Europe and the US. 18 years ago I took an apprenticeship with Cofan Elders in Colombia and have been studying traditional Medicine since. I live in Ecuador, and work as a Jungle Guide, taking friends to drink Yagé with Taitas Cofanes in the Jungle. Yagé is a world in itself, and an endless path into eternity, a path filled with wonders, mystery and challenges, where tears of joy, pain and sorrow run together, a world where magic beings are met in every bend of the path, and strange ones lurk in the shadows…

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