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Requesting Frequencies


“Greetings dear ones, it is I, Talabeus. We would like to talk to you about frequencies today. How you can use them and what they can do. For one, many of you already are using sound and color therapy. There are also frequencies beyond your senses, we will call them universal frequencies, that you may also work with. Any frequency that you currently know of, you may request to have it sent to you and/or the area you wish to treat. For example, you may wish to request that the purest red frequency of light be sent to your root chakra until it is cleansed and balanced. Also, any of the healing sound frequencies may be requested to be sent to your cells or specific area for healing and balance. Then there are the “other” frequencies that we know about and can choose for you if you give permission to heal a given issue with the frequencies we think would be best. All you have to do is ask. This is as simple as a quick prayer, except that we are just helpers and not God so there is no need for an actual “prayer” per se, but it is the same process to contact us and we will hear your request. One of the best times to do this work is to make your requests of your spiritual team and/or us right before you go to sleep. Work like this is best done when your conscious mind cannot interfere. Use imagination for all the ways what we have told you can be applied, it is truly limitless. With great love, from us in the higher realms, Talabeus.”

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