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Savanna Train



A Dream…

I’m in the African savanna, there’s a long line of people walking towards a train station, all wearing beautiful and colorful clothes, adults, children, elders, I join them, we get to the train station, a train comes, like an old one, wooden carriages, a steam engine puffing smoke, vapor coming out underneath the engine, it stops, a whistle sound, and we embark.

I sit on the Air and begin to fly through the wagons, saluting and smiling to the people sitting on the floor, some are sharing food, some playing flutes, drums, children are playing around, it seems to be a big party on the move, with lots of happy people, their clothes are all colors of the rainbow, amazing designs showing animals, clans, their stories.

The warmth, the peace and happiness I feel, we are one family, we are traveling together, we have shared so many stories, so many dreams that have unfolded, our tears had turned into laughing, our faces washed by tears now shine bright, our eyes glitter, singing songs with the children we travel, the land of sorrows is being left behind, a savanna between the Stars await us.

The train catches speed, I see the night outside and the savanna with few trees flying by, covered with grass, the sky is starry, the air fresh, through the night we fare.

You don’t want to miss that Train!

So, rise your Energy!

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I was born in the south of Brazil, a traveler by passion, I have spent most of my life in Latin America, Europe and the US. 18 years ago I took an apprenticeship with Cofan Elders in Colombia and have been studying traditional Medicine since. I live in Ecuador, and work as a Jungle Guide, taking friends to drink Yagé with Taitas Cofanes in the Jungle. Yagé is a world in itself, and an endless path into eternity, a path filled with wonders, mystery and challenges, where tears of joy, pain and sorrow run together, a world where magic beings are met in every bend of the path, and strange ones lurk in the shadows…

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