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The Spirit of Celebration


“Greetings loved ones, it is I, Talabeus. Today we talk about celebration. Everyone has experienced moments of happiness while celebrating an event or milestone. We ask that you bring this into your everyday life. To celebrate every day, for the sake of the celebration and happiness itself, is the way of the New Earth. You do not need a “reason” to celebrate and enjoy yourself, other than to acknowledge the Earth and her beauty, the life you live and all of your many blessings. Far back in history, there was a civilization named Mu. Some of you may know this as Lemuria. We are here to tell you that there are still Lemurians among you and on your planet. They are energetically protected and veiled, so that no lower life forces may enter and mix with the 5th Dimensional energy of Love that they have attained. They want you to know that they very much pay attention to everything that is going on in world news, they facilitate the advancement of the new energies bathing the planet into useful energies that you yourself may use. They are a kind people, and they are in perpetual bliss and happiness. I am here to tell you that you also can live a life full of bliss and happiness. When humanity can attain a level of buoyancy in their energy, they will drop their protective veils. You can help bring this much needed vibration back to the planet. How you might ask? It starts with celebration. That is a powerful energy for Ascension. If you can live your life as if you are celebrating everything you can think of that is a blessing, you will anchor this into the Earth. This is how society will shift, when people start to merge into one intention, to be happy. I leave you now with this…this is not a “pipe dream”. You are on the cusp of a new civilization by majority that seeks paradise but knows not yet how to go about it. This may not be visible in people around you, it may not be present in each person, but in many people this is an urge felt in their inner landscapes and hearts. By celebrating everything life is offering you right now, you will be that person that everyone loves to be around. And it is contagious the energy of celebration. And so it spreads with you, a catalyst for change. That is all for now. With great love, joy and celebration of life, Talabeus.”

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