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“Greetings dear ones, it is I, Talabeus. Today we in the Higher Realms would like to discuss the meaning of truthfulness. We bring this up because it is imperative that you worker’s for humanity are speaking your truth as often as possible. There is a cultural stigma that says “white lies” are acceptable. And this used to be true. However, with many of you whose vibrations are raising quite rapidly, the need for truthfulness is at a high level. Because if you do not speak your truth, it closes down your chakra system. You need that chakra system to communicate with your developing light body. If the chakra system is dysfunctional, your light body will not come online fully for you. So, what is the solution to this you may ask? As it is sometimes culturally unacceptable to be truthful as it can be seen as “rude”. What a conundrum society has created. You may simply, when faced with a situation where you would normally “fudge” the truth, say you do not wish to discuss it. If the person presses you for an answer, and listen carefully; that is their issue to deal with, NOT yours. You have a right to keep your opinions to yourself and to not have them dragged out of you, these are healthy boundaries. If you are pushed for your opinion, you have a right to reiterate you will no longer speak of it, that is your decision to make as you do not wish to be involved. If they push again, it is time to turn it around on them and say something like “It is unkind of you to not respect my wishes.” And leave it at that. Your part is done. We realize this is a tall order, as this is a new way of dealing with social norms. However, it must be done if you are to usher in the new civilization you so desperately want to create. You must be the ground breakers of new social rules, and shake up the status quo. It may not be fun at first to take this stance, but people will soon learn that if you say you do not wish to be involved in that conversation, then they know for certain that is your boundary and it shall not be crossed. This keeps you whole, healthy and intact spiritually. That is all for now, dear ones, you have our support with this new endeavor should you decide to take it to heart. With great love from the Higher Realms, Talabeus.”

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