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Unification of Timelines


“Greetings, it is I, Talabeus. This time around we will talk about something many of you are not aware of. Alternate timelines. The reason we would like you to know about them is that there are multiple “you’s” out there living various lifestyles. As all is connected, you affect them…and they affect you. Why do we need to know this you might ask. We feel it important to the planetary shift that one becomes familiar with and begins working with these alternate “realities”. We in the Higher Realms see all timelines, all “realities” for you. Did you know that for everything that you want in your life, there is a “you” that already has it? Did you know that you can send things that you now have, to less fortunate “you’s”? This is a process wherein you will ask your guides to do this for you. It is called “gifting” and “receiving”. You “gift” a blessing in your life such as the experience of a child, a happy relationship, a pleasant home, an enjoyable job, etc and ask that a duplicate blessing be bestowed upon a less fortunate alternate self, the one that is in the most need of it. If there is something in your life that you truly need, you may ask your guides to duplicate that situation for you from the blueprint of an alternate “you” that already has what you need. This will create peace, harmony and unification across all timelines, which will greatly impact your current life over time.

With love from all of us, Talabeus and Team.”

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